About company

Turkey elements

On 17th October 2003 the Company transformed into the Limited Liability Company. The Company has mixed ownership, domestic and foreign, in the private sector. The owners are: Władysław Piasecki, Marek Buda, Paul Wesjohann & Co. GmbH III. At the beginning, the activity was conducted in leased buildings, then a new plant was modernised and built. Nowadays, it is a modern plant with technological base, an implemented system of quality management and export entitlements. Resource base fully relies on turkey breeding within Farmers and Manufacturers’ Association “INDYK LUBUSKI”.
We slaughter ca. 120 tonnes of turkey daily, and 26 tonnes yearly. Slaughter of livestock is carried out on a modern slaughter line of the Dutch STORK Company and a cooling system of this company is the only one of this type in Poland. The Company has its own effluent pretreatment plant. The whole process of waste discharge starts in the plant, it is passed to the STORK chemical and mechanical pretreatment plant, and in the final phase it reaches a community biological pretreatment plant. Since 1998 BOMADEK has been entitled to export to CIS, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and since 1st September 2003 also to the EU countries and thus, the market expanded to include EU members. In 2004 BOMADEK was given a protection right over its trademark. 

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Pieces of meat

  • 1. Breast
  • 2. Leg
  • 3. Thigh
  • 4. Tenderloin
  • 5. Neck
  • 6. Drumette
  • 7. Wing