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BOMADEK is situated in the town of Trzebiechów, the borough of Trzebiechów. The Company was registered in the Business Activity Register in 1991. The object of its economic activity was poultry slaughter and trading activity. 
On 17th October 2003 the Company transformed into the Limited Liability Company. The Company has mixed ownership, domestic and foreign, in the private sector. The owners are: Władysław Piasecki, Marek Buda, Paul Wesjohann & Co. GmbH III. At the beginning, the activity was conducted in leased buildings, then a new plant was modernised and built. Nowadays, it is a modern plant with technological base, an implemented system of quality management and export entitlements. Resource base fully relies on turkey breeding within Farmers and Manufacturers’ Association “INDYK LUBUSKI”.

Daily production in the plant amounts to approximately 150 ton of turkey livestock. In 2014 the aggregate production reached 33 thousand tons. Slaughter, cutting and cooling are performed on one of the most sophisticated manufacturing lines in Poland and Europe. We have all required export certificates for our products. Our modern vehicle fleet allows us to fulfill orders at any time and at any place in Europe. Year after year our products win new customers, which proves the efficiency of our quality and marketing strategies. In 2004 Bomadek was granted rights to trademark protection.

„BOMADEK” Sp. z o.o.
ul. Słoneczna 16
66-132 Trzebiechów


tel. 48 (68) 351 41 29
tel. 48 (68) 351 40 85
tel. 48 (68) 603 709 801
tel. 48 (68) 693 362 422
email: biuro@bomadek.com.pl


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